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A Focus On Service

I have found that my best clients share similar characteristics, including having appreciation for a high-touch financial consultant, a long-term perspective, and a desire to maintain financial independence.

  • An appreciation for a personal financial consultant – My firm's focus is busy professionals who have limited time to manage their finances. These individuals appreciate my ability to think holistically and to collaborate with tax and estate attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, and other financial advisors to provide the best results possible with little time or worry for them.
  • A long-term partnership perspective – When I work with clients, I want to work with them for years to come. I am passionate about being there for you during hardships and celebrating your successes. These long-term relationships are the key to what I do at my firm.
  • A desire to maintain financial independence – As an independent financial advisor, I operate with an open-architecture model, meaning that I have the flexibility to recommend products that are right for you and your needs. I am not required to sell proprietary products or am driven by commissions. Instead, I help you pursue financial independence using innovative strategies.

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